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Installing ventilated walls

Ventilated walls are constructed according to a special system design by Imola Tecnica’s highly specialised work teams. The process consists of the following stages:

Marking out the grid

Having defined the “0” point, the vertical (Y) and horizontal (X) reference axes are marked out for each facade to be tiled according to the working plan.

Assembling the substructure

Support rods are then located at the points where the axes in the grid intersect.
The rods are secured to the wall using screw anchors. If required, a layer of insulation material is attached between the rods using wide-headed PP screw anchors.
Then stanchion profiles are attached to the support rods using fixed and sliding fasteners to permit the normal thermal expansion of the substructure and any movement in the building’s structure.

Attaching the finishing tiles

The last stage in the installation procedure is to attach the tiles to the substructure. This can be done using a variety of anchoring systems that give different end results.
For example, for an “exposed” finish, visible pre-painted stainless steel mechanical fasteners are used, whereas for a “hidden” finish, special mechanical fasteners are attached to the back of the tile.
In both cases, the space left between the facing tiles is variable and must adhere to the specifications defined in the working plan.