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Ventilated façades:
the elegant solution for efficient environments

The advantages

For an intelligent urban space

Studies show that the protection provided by the ventilated façade system allows for an energy saving of up to 20%, as well as significantly easier and cheaper maintenance and durability that is superior to any other option. And thanks to its modular flexibility, it is the ideal solution to enhance the aesthetics of every type of space, transforming it into a beautiful and functional solution.


constant and uniform


for greater comfort


to safeguard the masonry structures


for maximum interior comfort

What do we offer

The project

The project

We design structures that are complete with static, earthquake and wind pressure verifications, signed by a specialised technician and bound to the wall support according to the study of loads, external stresses and static calculations to guarantee the reliability of the whole system. As well as being architectural (imbedded windows, lower and upper façade closure, corner fitting), the design is structural because it includes the positioning of all fixed and sliding points, designed to allow for the physiological thermal expansion of the metal elements of the structure.

The project

Suitable products, formats and materials

Suitable products, formats and materials

We have the widest range of formats to meet the most complex requirements, from 30×60 cm to 120×260 cm. The Glazed Porcelain Stoneware and the Full Thickness Porcelain Stoneware suggested for ventilated walls are the ideal material solution because they are resistant, compact, unalterable over time and resistant to frost and bending; the four finishes offered can be transformed into a thousand aesthetic options that can create unique warm and bright effects with maximum personalisation.

Suitable products, formats and materials



The implementation of a ventilated façade is guaranteed by the use of highly specialised teams. After the first tracing phase, the supporting brackets are installed together with any insulating material and uprights and the finishing slabs of the substructure are then installed with visible (painted) or concealed fixations.


FAQ and technical documents

I have questions about...

Why choose a ventilated façade instead of cladding?

The main factors that enhance the performance of a façade compared to plaster are:

  • Breathability: thanks to the breathable insulating materials and the absence of paints and primers;
  • Shielding: the air gap allows the irradiation directly incident on the wall to be interrupted, thereby obtaining a reduction in the heat accumulated by the walls, as well as its elimination inside the gap by means of the chimney effect that is generated. The elimination of the rain from the insulating layer and the greater exchange of air during the damp season are added factors;
  • Duration: the application of stoneware slabs allows the surfaces to have unparalleled resistance and durability over time

Which slab formats can be used in a ventilated façade system?

The façade system allows formats ranging from 60 x 30 cm to large format slabs 260 x 120 cm to be installed.

What is the material of the supporting structure of the ventilated façade?

Some components of the façade structure are made of 6060 aluminium, whereas others are made of AISI 316 steel, to obtain maximum resistance over time.

Are incentives provided for ventilated façade works?

Yes, they fall under the energy efficiency improvement works that can result in a deduction depending from local norms.

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Regulations and specifications

Imola Tecnica

For the Functional Beauty

The ventilated façades we build always respond to our philosophy of functional beauty: creating beautiful and functional works with tangible benefits for man and the environment. We are also a partner who can fulfil the entire requirement of the job order, from the preliminary study to execution, all according to rigorous safety criteria to which we add the following Certifications and Insurances to guarantee serenity and professionalism over time:

The façades realized

All projects

The ventilated façade consists of a supporting structure anchored to the wall and a sustained facing with visible or invisible fixing types. Thanks to its flexibility it is the ideal solution to enhance the aesthetics of every type of space, whereas breathability, high protection against the elements and maximum thermoacoustic insulation make the ventilated system the most functional solution for the protection and energy efficiency of buildings.

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